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Lean Kanban France 2013's Conference Program

The Lean Kanban France 2013 conference is already in place to welcome you in Paris with an exceptional program. More than 35 speakers from around the world will help you discover the basics, the learnt lessons and the latest trends of the international Lean Kanban community, both in French and in English.

Registrations are open but they won’t last so hurry up!

Early Bird Rate, now at 525 €, will increase by 50 € each Monday noon, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Listen To

David Anderson, reinventor of Kanban for knowledge work, author of “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business”, and founder of the international Lean Kanban community.

David Anderson

Don Reinersten, who has changed the lives of many managers and development teams with his book “The Principles of Product Development Flow”!

Don Reinersten

Dominica De Grandis, for a KanbanOps session: The Santa Monica Experiment.

Laurent Morisseau, author of “Kanban pour l’IT”, the principal catalyst of Kanban adoption in France.


Claude Aubry will show us how to “Kanbanize our Scrum”.

Mathias Skarin will present an introduction to A3 Concepts along with his experience.

Pascal Van Cauwenbergh will speak about Real Options (decision strategies).

Hakan Forss will explain Toyota Kata

Sesh On!

Attend to a round table about Portfolio Management with Kanban with Thomas Lissajoux, Mike Burrows, Ian Carroll, Chris Young and David Joyce.

Exchange with the impassionted on the organisational problematics as Alexis Nicolas, who’ll suggest us how to “Uninstall Management 1.0” and Jabe Bloom, who’ll lecture us on the organisations’ underlying “Social Capital”.

Immerse yourself into the Lean maths with Troy Magennis, who’ll be presenting “Cycle Time Analytics” in an attempt to unravel the ‘magic’ behind time management and probabilistic forecasting.

Become a character in a game session that’ll allow you to discover -or rediscover- how to learn and teach playfully with KanbanZine, GetKanban, I’m not a Bottleneck, the Pizza Game and a Lean Startup workshop.

Meet a Kanban Coach Professional (KCP) in a “Speed ​​Coaching” fashion at the “Ask a KCP” booth, that’ll count with the presence of Mike Burrows, Laurent Morisseau and other KCPs!

Please Tell Me More!

Join us to improve your Kanban visual communication with “Improve your board”. It’s crystal clear: send, as soon as possible, a picture of your wall to You can interact with Cyrille Deruel throughout the conference, who’ll summarise at his Friday night’s session. Do not hesitate to send your pictures, only the board’s structure, columns and colors are necessary. The session’s based on contributions, thus don’t be shy! There’s a bounty for the first movers!

The Icing Of The Cake!

Let yourself be surprised by Mehdi Berrada (Poult Company) who’ll propose to bet on an innovation strategy open to all employees.

Decanning The Program

The entire program is available here.

Oct, 3rd:

  • Keynote, by David J Anderson
  • Le Kanban vu de ma cave, by Julien Fallet
  • Software Craftmanship: La culture du programmeur, by Jean-Laurent Morlhon
  • Start with what you do now, by Jasper Sonnevelt
  • De l’innovation avec Lean Startup chez Axa Banque, by Laurent Meurisse
  • Kanban pour l’IT, by Laurent Morisseau
  • Help! Kanban Maxed Out! What Can I Do Now?, by Steve Tendon
  • Portfolio Management Panel, by David Joyce, Chris Young, Ian Carroll, Thomas Lissajoux and Mike Burrows
  • Lean A3 thinking workshop, by Oana Juncu and Dragoş Dreptate
  • The Art of Change, by Michael Leber
  • Introducing Concepts, by Mattias Skarin
  • The red brick cancer, by Håkan Forss
  • Kanbanisez votre Scrum, by Claude Aubry
  • Toyota Kata – the organizational muscle memory for continuous learning and improvement, by Håkan Forss
  • The Bottleneck Game, by Pascal V Cauwenbergh

Oct, 4th:

  • Keynote, by Donald Reinertsen
  • Kanban through its values, by Mike Burrows
  • Kanban pour managers, du Je au Nous, by Samuel Retiere
  • The Santa Monica experiment, by Dominica DeGrandis
  • Breaking the WIP Limit, by Zsolt Fabok
  • La prédictibilité avec Kanban, comment je tiens mes promesses, by yannick Quenec’hdu
  • Songs of process improvment, by Dave Nicolette
  • Real Options, by Pascal V Cauwenbergh
  • Cycle Time Analytics, by Troy Magennis
  • Good Practices to Start a Culture of Continuous Improvement, by Klaus Leopold
  • Social Capital, by Jabe Bloom
  • Three Hidden Blockers to Lean Evolution at an NZ financial institution, by Douglas Talbot
  • Vous pouvez ignorer les contrôleurs de gestion; les contrôleurs de gestions eux ne vous ignoreront pas, by Pierre hervouet
  • Keynote: Parier sur une stratégie d’innovation ouverte à l’ensemble des collaborateurs, by Mehdi Berrada
  • REX: Lean Startup @ Choose Your Boss, by Vincent Coste and Benoît Guillou
  • Beyond Kanban: Uninstalling Management 1.0, by Alexis Nicolas
  • Improve your board, by Cyrille Deruel
  • Workplay: the gamified future of agile development, by Matt Philip

Want to register? Do it now! We’ll be waiting for you! :)

For any further information about the venue, where to stay and the conference in general, don’t hesitate to visit the conference’s website.

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